Public Safety

We can either search for excellence in Public Safety or work with you to develop it. 

MRI has placed dozens of public safety department heads, conducted promotional testing on a wide range of positions and completed public safety projects from Aiken, South Carolina to Presque Isle, Maine. We are intimately familiar with New England local government forms, culture, and issues and pride ourselves on our ability to place our recommendations for change in a context appropriate to New England local government. Our objectives are:

  • To help communities obtain maximum value for limited tax dollars.
  • To identify and help communities manage the risks associated with public safety functions.
  • To raise public awareness of the value and professionalism of their public resources.
  • To help local leaders develop and execute plans that best meet their community‚Äôs needs, given the resources available.

Our success is evidenced by the high level of implementation of our recommendations and the number of highly valued repeat clients.

We have completed hundreds of public safety studies in the more than 25 years we've been supporting municipal governments. Please contact us for a complete list of client references or to discuss how MRI might be able to assist your community.

Administrative Office: Plymouth, NH | Seacoast Office: Portsmouth, NH Toll Free: 866.501.0352 Tel: 603.279.0352