Human Resources

Employees are your community's most valuable assets – recruiting, grooming and retaining them is one of your greatest challenges - managing them effectively is one of your biggest liabilities.

Municipal Resources, Inc. has been supporting various aspects of professional HR management for almost 20 years. In 2012 Human Resources Services, Inc. (HRS) and Municipal Resources established a unique strategic partnership in municipal human resource consulting to meet the growing demand for high quality, professional HR services from municipal governments throughout New England. Since that time we have developed an expanded practice group which has enabled us to support more efficient and effective ways to manage local HR requirements and reduce potential risk.

Recruiting, selecting, compensating,retaining, training, and managing quality personnel is essential for local officials in their effort to provide cost effective, high quality services to their communities and school districts. The consequences of poor HR management inevitably result in poor decisions and inadequate oversight leading to potentially devastating consequences.

Municipal Resources, Inc. can offer your community a comprehensive package of services to help ensure that your HR system, associated policies, practices and approach are contemporary and maintained in compliance with State and Federal regulations.

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Recent Projects:

  • Wenham, MA: Human Resources Policy/Procedures Audit (2016)
  • Danvers, MA: Human Resources Policy/Procedures Audit
  • Carver, MA: Human Resources Policy/Procedures Audit

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