Strategic Planning

Is everyone on the Governing Board on the same page? Do you have a consensus of what your community will be ten or twenty years from now? If you have goals, are they measurable so you know when they have been accomplished? Do Departments have performance objectives? 

Benefits of Strategic Planning:

  • To establish citywide direction in key policy or functional areas, and to move away from crisis-driven decision making
  • To provide a basis for allocating resources in a rational manner to address critical issues facing the city now and in the future
  • To make government more responsive to the needs of citizens by placing greater emphasis on benefits and results rather than workloads
  • To provide a context to link the budget process and other legislative processes with priority issues and to improve accountability for public resources
  • MRI Staff will work with the Governing Board, Key Staff and Department Heads, and Citizens to develop the following:
    • Vision Statement
    • Mission
    • SWOT Assessment
    • Goals
    • Objectives
    • Action Items/Tactics
    • Performance Measures
    • Monitoring/Reporting/Evaluating

    Please contact us with any questions.

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