Organizational and Management Studies

With our multi-disciplinary team approach we provide a fresh set of eyes and an objective third party view of municipal and departmental operations, policies, procedure, and SOP’s.

  • Organizational Assessments
  • Regional and Inter-municipal Shared Services
  • Public Safety Studies for Police, Fire, and Ambulance Departments
  • Accreditation Assistance for Police, Fire, Emergency Medical (National & State)
  • Public Works Assessments
  • Assessing Operations

Our work plan incorporates on-site visits to meet with department and unit managers and staff, observe operations, telephone and web conferencing, off-site research/data analysis, and meetings between the consultant team to develop and refine conclusions and recommendations.

Our assessments are designed to provide an independent, objective evaluation of services in which we will seek to identify opportunities to reduce or eliminate duplication and redundancy, and to maximize utilization of human and financial resources along with facilities and equipment. While our technical review and assessment is done by in-service subject experts who are aware of the requirements and responsibilities placed on the operating unit, our recommendations and suggestions are carefully crafted within the context of the overall organization to ensure that final recommendations are balanced and rationally prioritized.

Our goal is to help solve problems and provide imaginative solutions for future success. We avoid impractical, unachievable, or narrowly focused “cookbook” solutions; rather our reports are written so that they are understandable and include detailed recommendations with accompanying support documentation. Our overarching objective is to:

  • Assist the organization to obtain maximum value for limited tax dollars;
  • Raise public awareness of the need for and value of services; and
  • Provide information that helps local leaders develop and execute plans that best meet the community’s needs within available resources.                                                                                                                                                       

Recent Projects:

  • Franconia, NH: Clerical/Administrative Needs Study (2016)
  • Allenstown, NH: Police Department Study (2015)
  • Dracut, MA: Risk Management & Assessment (2015)
  • Gardiner, ME: Shared services assessment (2015)
  • Dorset and Manchester, VT: Public Safety consolidation study (2015)
  • Auburn, ME: Assessing Operations Assessment (2014)
  • Berlin, MA: Public Safety Study (2014)
  • Marlborough, MA: Fire Service Study (2014)
  • Salem, CT: Fire Service study (2013)
  • Rumford and Mexico, ME: Feasibility Study for Shared Services (2013)

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