Central Office and Building Level Support

MRI staff are available to help in the following areas:

Interim assignments and recruitments

MRI is able to provide experienced staffs to address temporary vacancies and can conduct effective recruitment efforts to attract and select qualified candidates to fill key positions. For more information visit our Human Resources section.

Administrative, teaching and clerical mentoring

MRI's advisors are able to draw upon our experience to provide structured mentoring relationships to existing District staff. 

Operational efficiency and effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness studies, staffing analyses, process evaluations and labor negotiations are all part of MRI’s operational effectiveness capability. This work aims to find practical, effective solutions to problems resulting from turnover, over/under-staffing, organizational structure and bargaining unit relations.

Campus Safety

MRI can provide your organization with seasoned guidance and workable recommendations pertaining to virtually any aspect of campus emergency preparedness. For more information visit our Campus Safety section.

Grant writing and grants management

MRI provides technical accounting, budget and other administrative support for Program Managers, as well as overall financial grant management. We assume responsibility for monitoring, analyzing and maintaining financial transactions for a wide variety of federal, state and local programs; tracking revenues and expenditures, and preparing required internal and external financial reports.

Facilities Planning and Construction Supervision

Facilities Management

IT Troubleshooting

MRI has exceptional depth of technical expertise and experience in school accounting to quickly assess and address accounting problems. In addition, we have affiliates with exceptional expertise in accounting software start-up, training, and problem solving.

Transportation Efficiency and Safety Analysis

MRI has consultants experienced in all areas related to school transportation including cost analysis, route development and management, evaluation of safety procedures, training programs for drivers, monitoring dispatchers and managers, and district-wide communication for all entities involved in the safe transportation of students.

Food Service Analysis and Monthly Reporting

Please contact us for more information.

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